About me


About me

My name is Patryk Jaworski, I’m a student at Jagiellonian University (The Institute of Computer Science, one of the two Institutes of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science). I’m studying Modeling, artificial intelligence and control. I’m also one of the founders of Software Liberation Maniacs Cracow – we are promoting Free software, we also help in the implementation of open solutions in public institutions, especially schools.

I am a passionate and conscious fan of Free Software, a happy user of the GNU/Linux operating system (now Arch GNU/Linux and Debian GNU/Linux). For years, dealing with programming, mainly in the GNU/Linux environment.

Open Your MindI’m trying to deepen the knowledge of the world around me, I am interested in topics significantly affecting the live of each of us, especially: politics, religion, psychology, economics, Internet, security, computers.

Let children develop their own opinionsI’m a rationalist, I’m doing my best to collect informations about all controversial topics from many sources, I don’t trust TV and radio. All this things probably contributed to the fact that I am an atheist and anti-communist.

While describing myself, I can not miss… spiders. Yes, my hobbies include spiders, mainly Theraphosidae family. I deal with breading since 2008, right now I’m the owner of ~60 individuals of various species, mostly Poecilotheria, Psalmopoeus. One of my favorite spider is Poecilotheria regalis, that’s why I choose regalis.com.pl as my doman.

Poecilotheria regalis


About this website

There was a lot of reasons to create this website. For a very long time, when I started my adventure with computer science/programming, I struggled with many problems such as very poor quality of Polish-language tutorials, a complete lack of discipline on  Polish forums. I will do my best to ensure that all my articles written on this site will be accurate and complete. However, the user is required basic knowledge and the ability to use a search engine.


Why WordPress?

Among all of the free Content Management Systems, I decided to use WordPress because I found, that it will be very easy to transfer all data from it to my own CMS. I need some time to finish my own CMS so I decided to start with WordPress and then migrate to own software.


Where to find me?

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